Daily Wood Block Puzzle

Step into the enchanting world of Wood Block Puzzle, where strategy and puzzle fun come together on an immersive 8x8 grid. Similar to the iconic Tetris, this game offers a refreshing twist with unique gameplay and engaging challenges.


• Daily Puzzle: Test your puzzle-solving skills daily with our specially designed puzzles. Everyone gets the same blocks to ensure fair competition. Climb to the top of the daily high score leaderboard!

• Challenging Levels: Explore 4 different game modes, each offering a unique challenge. From easy to extremely difficult, there's something for everyone.

• Classic Mode: Test your endurance and puzzle-solving skills in the classic mode. How far can you go?

• Point Bonuses: Earn extra points by completing multiple horizontal or vertical rows at the same time. Maximize your score with clever moves and combinations!

Why Daily Wood Block Puzzle?

Daily Wood Block Puzzle is not just any puzzle game. It combines strategic thinking, quick reactions, and endless fun. Challenge yourself to achieve higher scores and claim your spot on the global high score leaderboard.

Flex your mental muscles as you strategically place blocks and create combos to win. Become the master of the grid and share your achievements with your friends.

Ready for a new puzzle challenge? Download Daily Wood Block Puzzle now and experience the addictive world of block puzzles!