WeWords is all about words. Click and mark letters in the playfield to create words. Longer words are awarded with more points, but more importantly: longer words spawn power-ups! Power-ups may blow away horizontal or vertical rows, or trigger rainbows that jump across the playfield! Using power-ups will award you more points and can clear large parts of the playfield.

Find the best possible word on the grid, trigger the multipliers and score loads of points! Go on an adventure through the single player levels in the grass and ice realm! Each realm contains unique and challenging levels!

Challenge your friends in the online 1vs1 multiplayer mode of WeWords! Select your favorite playfield and settings to play in turns in an online match. By winning more games, you might just reach a higher rank giving you more rewards by the end of the month! Only the best players can reach the monthly diamond rank! Are you one of them?

Collect coins and diamonds during gameplay. Spend your rewards on your personal profile in the local shop. Change your hair style, choose your favorite colors for your clothes, put on a cool hat or buy awesome glasses. You can also buy playfields and perks for a more varying gameplay!

All features of WeWords

• Playable in 4 languages: English, French, German and Dutch
• Over 60 single player levels
• Over 40 achievements
• Play online turn-based multiplayer with your friends
• Personal profile with customizable items like glasses, hair style, shirt color, hair color, etc.
• Perks and different playfields for more intense gameplay
• Google Play Games and Game Center to continue playing on your next phone
• And more!

Enjoy playing WeWords!

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