29 December, 2020

Push Notifications for iOS

This extension fixes Push Notifications for iOS devices.

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24 May, 2020

Cloud Saving for iOS

Enables Cloud Saving on iOS devices using the same code as YoYo's Android version.

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28 January, 2020

Online Highscores Premium

A premium version of the original free Online Highscores tutorial with lots of explanations, sample code and possible extensions.

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9 August, 2018

Fast textbox engine

A very fast and simple-to-use textbox engine, especially suitable to draw large pieces of texts.

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8 August, 2018

Script draw_text_properly

Small script to draw a text with a fixed width. Reduces font size if the text is larger than the width.

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30 May, 2017

Cloud Saving

Extensive tutorial about the implementation of Google Cloud Saving on Android devices. Comes with an easy example which you can change easily!

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28 November, 2016

Push Notifications

Push notifications for Android devices come in two versions: local notifications and remote notifications. Both versions are covered in this tutorial.

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10 August, 2016

Online Highscores

Online highscores are vital for engaging gameplay in your game. This tutorial explains both some basic web server stuff and the GameMaker: Studio implementation.

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15 July, 2016


A simple script allowing the user to split a string on a specific substring. Returns the output in an array.

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12 Februari, 2017

Smooth scrolling

Scrolling on mobile devices is very useful but might be difficult to implement. This small tutorial explains the basics of smooth scrolling.

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