3 April, 2024

30 Seconds

Play this party game with your friends!

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6 November, 2023

Daily Wood Block Puzzle

Welcome to the ultimate block challenge game!

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30 September, 2023


Grab a mallet and score as many hooks as possible!

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13 May, 2023


Show off your bingo skills to the whole world!

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23 November, 2022


Smash as many balls as possible in this oddly satisfying game!

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13 March, 2022


Train your brain trying to complete the daily puzzle. Try to fit all pieces on the board.

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10 February, 2022


Discover the hidden word using your best guess! Play now in Dutch!

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6 October, 2020


The most challenging word game for Android and iOS devices!

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10 February, 2016


Do you like playing arcade games? Do you have a lot of patience? Then this is the game for you! Can you beat all levels?

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06 January, 2016

Double Touch

Do you love quick reaction games? Then play Double Touch now!

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17 July, 2015

Dodge the snake

Dodge the snake is a new super addictive game. The goal is simple: dodge the snake for as long as you can.

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25 January, 2015

Rocky Plane

Tap the screen to fly through the rocks and get a nice highscore! Collect as many coins as possible to buy things at the shop.

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11 November, 2014

Does it fit

Make sure your blocks fit through the hole in the walls. The more precise, the more points you get.

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15 Augustus, 2014


Flecha is a simple puzzle game, where you need to direct the rolling ball into the correct direction by rotating the arrows in the field.

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19 July, 2014

Alien Flight

Aliens are arriving from space! And this one needs your help!

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30 November, 2013

Strategic Blocks

Have you always loved solving puzzles? Do you have a perfect spatial awareness? Then play this engaging puzzle game!

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