30 Seconds

Which team can describe the most words/phrases and scores most points?

A game of "30 Seconds" is played in 2 or more teams. One team member tries to describe 5 words or phrases to the other team members within half a minute. Each correct word is awarded with one point. The team with the most points wins the game!

Why play this game?
- How to start: Grab one phone, download the game and start right away!
- Play quick: Just enter the player names and start!
- Time pressure: describe as many words/phrases as possible within half a minute!
- Guessing: Shout as many words as you know to guess the word!
- Scoring: Each word guessed correctly is worth one point!
- Win: The winner is the team with the most points!
- Have a good time: whatever your companionship is, whether it's friends, family or neighbours, 30 Seconds always provides an amazing & entertaining evening!

Fun guaranteed with 30 Seconds!

Play now in Dutch and English!

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